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'The great food swindle.'

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost ( CANADA ) on June 04, 1999 at 12:11:37:

If any of you reading this are under the belief that McRubbish is serving quality food, you have been brain washed. Prehaps it is not your fault. Prehaps your parents, with the mistaken belief that they were doing good by herding you into a McHovel, conditioned you with your present way of thinking. Prehaps you do not realize the effect the false advertising by this company of dirt mongers has had upon your mind. To try and refute me only proves that McRubbish has indeed convinced you of it's lies via sly trickery. You are under the spell of an evil tyrant who will not stop until the planet has been compleatly over run with lies and bad food. All of you who belive that the false advertising is just another company who are "simply going with the flow" have been conditioned to think that way. You can break this chain of thinking. If you still feel that you must eat there, you can at least demand that the food be served as advertised. Your burger may not, if presented properly, stay that way as you eat it, but, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing it was presented as advertised. If you really feel the need to pay a vist to McRubbish, I urge you to demand your burger be served as pictured. This is a matter of self pride. Do you not care that the food is a compact version of what is advertised? What if another product such as a car you wish to buy was advertised as being beautiful? What if this car were pictured as being something really good looking and when you went to see it the car looked like total crap? would you still buy it? NO! The same thing applies to McRubbish. They are advertising something which they have no intention of selling you. McRubbish spends so much time and money on "the great food swindle". They want you to belive that the food served looks very appitizing. Why?...I say again...Why can it not be served as they will have the world belive it to be?...It is because this foul chain of filth does not give a damm about you, the consummer. They never have. I say they should be forced, by the collective consummer, to end the charade now! Let them picture their product as it really is. There is no accounting for bad taste...that much will never change.

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