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to mcspotlight: parents are just weak, regardless of ronald.

Posted by: sammy on June 06, 1999 at 18:08:33:

: McSpotlight: In reality, parents often don't have the final say; children
: learn to manipulate their parents very early in life. I'm not disputing that
: giving in to your kid is a Bad Thing; what is being said is that McDonald's
: are portraying giving into your kid's whims as "normal" behaviour; thus making
: it harder for parents to govern their children. Their advertising plays up the
: power of children to pester their parents and portrays it as "normal".

sorry , mcsp. i agree that mcd's is too big for it's own good, but i hardly think that thier commercials have that much of an effect on thier parenting skills.

parents today give in because they them selves were not tought limits as a child. being raised in day cares, they were only kept busy, and constantly kept happy and entertained. they were shown that they are all that matters. where as if they had been raised by thier mothers, they would have learned that it is essential for parents to teach thier kids to respect adults decisions.

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