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I'm hanging on every word!

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( USA ) on June 06, 1999 at 18:10:14:

In Reply to: Ghost, these people are not listening posted by David Peal on June 05, 1999 at 11:46:31:

First: Who are helping McRubbish to continue with their crimes against humanity. I truly feel sorry for you. The fact that you enjoy the taste of the crap which McRubbish continues to claim to be food shows you to have less then even a small concern for your health. You see nothing wrong with serving a "burger" which has sat under heat lamps for up to twenty minuets? Give your head a shake man.

Second: Slammy is the outright media fool for the Mcrubbish machine called Mcfilthy's. Ghost, these people are not listening to the true facts about the evil empire of the krook and the Clown.

Morris: Would it be less of a "crime against humanity" if the hamburger sat under the heat lamp for five minutes instead of twenty? The more of these posts I read, the more I regret my decision to pursue a college education instead of stand-up comedy; all this free material is cheaper than tuiton. By all means, keep it coming... I am listening!

Amateur Night Is The First Wednesday Of Every Month,

Hugh Morris

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