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Posted by: Grant Fillman on June 06, 1999 at 18:18:11:

Recently after a painful trip to McDonalds, I picked up a Mcdonalds nutrition fact handbook, and was SHOCKED! I believe that Mcdonalds could make healthier food to serve their many customers. For instance, a double quarterpounder with cheese is 530 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 13 saturated fat grams. It also has an average of about 50 percent of daily value! The fries also have sickening stats, with 450 calories on a REGULAR! And 22 grams of fat! (4 grams of saturated fat)
Also, I found a little surprise when I looked at the Grilled chicken sandwich and found that it had 5 grams of fat without mayo (not bad)
and 20 grams with! Thats a difference of 15 grams of fat...a difference made by mayo!
Mcdonalds makes good salads, but the dressings make them almost as fattie with calories of a burger!
Some of the breakfast items are WORSE then the meal items! And here is the scarry part...they breakfast biscuit things are really small but are more fattie then a burger! That means that they have a higher fat to size ratio!
I believe that Mcdonalds could serve healthier food for their customers, some of the problems are easily fixable (like cooking the fat out of the meat or having low cal dressing and mayo) but some of the food items might be easier to replace with healthier ones then to try and fix them. (like some of the breakfast items)
I am not going to be eating at Mcdonalds again untill they can serve somthing that I will not be worried about its calories or fat content. If you have any comments on this messege, please reply to it. Thank you

-Healthy Eater

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