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We are ALL responsible...

Posted by: Adam Jones ( Lonestar - but i'm quiting tonight !, Australia ) on June 08, 1999 at 10:16:12:

In Reply to: i wouldn't exactly call them innocent posted by sammy on June 06, 1999 at 18:03:42:

: just like we are responsible if we support mcd's by purchasing a big mac, they are responsible for the destruction of the rain forrest by supporting the livestock that is raised there.

: fyi, the biggest reason for clearing rain forrest land is to make way for cattle and livestock pasture.

: anything else?

I suggest that before you make these claims that you research the topic first... I recommend the following:
Reid, Walter V.C., and Kenton R.Miller. 1989.
Keeping Options Alive: THe Scientific Basis for Conservation Biodiversity. Washington, D.C.: World Resource Institute.

If you really care, in any shape of form, about the future of YOUR children (and possibly the latter part of YOUR own life) then i suggest you look at the current rates of loss of tropical rainforst (best prediction to date is 10.1 million hectares per year) and then decide where the blame should be.

We are ALL responsible... once we get over that fact then we can start to do something about it. The scary truth is that the results of these changes will be seen in OUR life time, as well as in future generations. But this scary truth is one that need not be looked at with fear... motivation is the only answer !
I hope to hear from you !
Adam Jones

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