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We need a pet food revolution

Posted by: Louis ( USA ) on June 08, 1999 at 15:44:45:

In Reply to: Garbage fit for a animal posted by Terry Dyer on June 08, 1999 at 10:16:42:

: My favorite surprise for my dog I feed him the 20 minute burger because its not fit for human consumption. Garbage attracks garbage

Perhaps a little more respect should be shown to animals, in particular, dogs. What makes the writer think that refined, bleached flour, and hormone-laden, antibiotic-laden, pesticide-laden ground beef is any better for dogs than it is for humans? And why would one want to feed one's dog any food at all that is not fit for human consumption? Incidentally, the impurities contained in the beef supply for humans are compounded many times over in the canned toxins that are sold as "dog food". It has been shown that extremely healthy dogs can be raised on a purely vegetarian diet. We need a pet food revolution in this country on the same order as a human diet revolution. I hope the writer's "Garbage attracks garbage" comment was not made with his own beloved canine in mind.

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