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McDonald's serves their coffee freakishly hot.

Posted by: Meanie ( Den of Decadence, USA ) on June 10, 1999 at 12:53:54:

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: I am an attorney in Dallas, Texas. I represent an individual who purchased a cup of coffee at McD's and ended up with third degree burns on his leg. Any info. on McD's coffee and related items would be appreciated. Thank You,
: John W. Key, III
: johnkey&flash.net

McDonald's serves their coffee freakishly hot. They always have. I have known this since I was a young child. Everyone knows McDonald's serves their coffee freakishly hot; anyone who claims to not know this is either lying or has been living in a cave since they were old enough to drool.

Now I'm no doctor, but I do know what a third degree burn entails (I've experienced them firsthand - hot fryer grease - ouch). It's not pretty (flesh sliding off, horrid blistering and scarring, etc), but ninety-nine cents, a couple hours of pain, and some minor scarring is an incredibly small price to pay for millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuit income. And you could feasibly forget about the pain and scarring if you happen to be buddy-buddy with an unethical doctor.

The morals of this story:

1. Don't patronize McDonalds (or other fast food joints). Ever. You might be able to sue them for burning your leggy-weg, but you'll have a damn hard time getting them in court after the human race has expired.

2. Drink icewater. It's better for you than coffe and it's a hell of a lot less likely to scar you for life. It may not give you that morning jumpstart you so desire, but come on... Americans are entirely too reliant on coffee anyway.

3. Don't jump on the litigation bandwagon every time you injure yourself like a dumbass and think you can make a quick buck off the company who's property you happened to be on. People who file these kinds of lawsuits are what make law in general a completely disreputable practice, whilst keeping law schools full and lawyers in Beemers.


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