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McD's Veggie Burger seen: any tasters?

Posted by: Louis ( USA ) on June 12, 1999 at 13:04:51:

I was passing the MacDonald's on Broadway in the (downtown) Wall Street area of New York City today, and I saw hanging from the McD awning the flapping sign, "Try our Veggie Burger". Questions: Is this just a New York phenomenon or is McD's offering the v-burger in other cities? ? Anybody give the new veg-burger the taste test? Is this not encouraging that the company is responding to (presumably) a consumer demand for veggie burgers? And finally, shouldn;t we encourage this corporate move in what seems to be an encouraging direction?

McSpotlight: Does it alter the fact that their food is still unhealthy and that their workers are poorly treated; that they continue to contribute to rubbish dumps everywhere and that they exploit the Third World?

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