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I happen to LIKE MCDONALD'S!

Posted by: Vince ( Usa ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:04:10:

okay everyone.
i do not know what is you people's problem with mcdonald's but you really need to get off of it. i have been a happily employed worker of mcdonald's for the past 2 years. let me give you a little insight on why they are a great company. first of all: when i went to apply for my job, i was a very unhappy person who had no self respect and had a very low self esteem. as soon as i walked into that place, they made me feel as if a were an important part of the team. when i did a great job i was commended for it, and when i did a bad job i was never scolded for it, or yelled at. i was told how to do the job correctly, and they treated me as if i was a totally compitent employee. i made many many friends at that mcdonald's, and i began to have a lot more self respect, and i believed in myself a lot more. they raised my confidence level, and made me feel very important. i worked there for a while and then, they made me a floor supervising manager. that meant that they had a whole lot of trust in me, they believed in me, and they knew i could do it. and trust me, the job is not easy. i love my job. i feel very important. my decisions can either have a good or bad influence on my mcdonald's, and that is a feeling like no other. it is a huge responsibility that feels great to have. Mcdonald's does not just take and take. they give back in many ways. they provide good jobs, they have many charities, and they give back to their people. what other company gives personal loans to their employees and charges no interest? a person i work with got in a financial bind and mcdonald's gave her a loan for 1,000 dollars which they charged her no interest on. she payed it back slowly until her debt was payed off. it gave her a chance to get ahead, and overcome problems. that proves that they care about their people. they are a great company to work for, and you have the right to think otherwise. why do you not pick on burger king, or Jack in the box? why not? they killed 4 kids with ecoli in their beef! but you morons can go along with your ideas about mcdonalds, but i am sticking with them because they are one of the biggest companies and the leader of the pack no matter how you slice it. you can go ahead and pick out their faults, but when you compare good to bad when it comes to mcdonalds, the good far outweighs the bad.

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