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Posted by: Mike North ( Uinversity of Calgary, Canada ) on July 12, 1999 at 10:05:23:

From the the abc.net.au/news site
Legal action expected over McDonald's game
Saturday 10 July, 1999 (10:05am AEST)

Legal action is set to proceed against McDonald's over its McMatch and Win competition, despite an inquiry exonerating
the fast food chain of blame.
The report, commissioned by McDonald's and conducted by a
retired Federal Court judge, found McDonald's was justified in
rejecting more than 2,000 claims for prizes.
The fast food giant argued the claimants were using invalid game
stamps from last year's competition.
However, a partner with law firm Slater and Gordon, Mark
Walter, representing 100 disgruntled customers, says he believes
his clients have a strong case to sue for misleading and deceptive

"As it currently stands, there are at least 30 Honda HRVs being
claimed, I believe they're $30,000 each - the amount's starting to
mount up into a substantial claim," he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Australian Competition and
Consumer Comission (ACCC) Allan Fels says he has received
more than 200 complaints about the game and more are coming
in. Professor Fels says he is not satisfied with the independent
inquiry ordered by McDonald's which cleared the fast food chain.
Professor Fels says the ACCC is also considering legal action
unless it gets a satisfactory explanation.

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