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It's people like *you*...

Posted by: Ludwig von Mises ( USA ) on July 13, 1999 at 11:09:23:

In Reply to: It's people like you.... posted by Paranoid Ghost on June 04, 1999 at 19:38:54:

That piss me off. McDonalds hasn't commited a crime against humanity. Hitler and Stalin commited crimes against humanity, not McDonalds. As for buying McDonalds products, sammy is in really good company(over 1 billion people served). The burgers there are OK, not the best in the world, but hey, they're cheap and fast to get. Heat lamps are just how you cook burgers quickly. Fer chrissake man, they sell their burgers for like a buck each. If that's not cheap, I'd like to know what is. McDonalds couldn't sell "real" burgers that take 20 mins to cook at the same price or volume that they do now. If you want real food, go to a real restaurant. If the customers want real food, they don't *have* to go to McDonalds. When I go to McDonalds I get good service, and i pay low prices. That's not money oer service, that's called making a profit(what you need in order to stay in business.

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