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protest against ALL fast food chains.

Posted by: Mc Donald Duck ( Queaseburgers R us, England ) on July 21, 1999 at 14:41:13:

In Reply to: back to basics of food quality and forget the philospher posted by Terry Dyer on July 20, 1999 at 10:56:59:

: You people like to write about nothing you understand. You poor souls and pitty all of you who speak of nothing concerning the evil doings of the black heart clown. Mcdonald's is the rubbish of american culture and you fools write about subjects with no interest whatsoever out side the real world. Ive got two words for you MCDONALDS SUCKS!!!

Yes !! Mc Donalds does indeed suck. If we are going to fight them though, we have to acknowledge their strengths. Firstly, they supply cheap food - nothing wrong with that - but the tragedy is that people could eat much better food than theirs for less money, if only they would take the time out to cook proper food for themselves and even more importantly their children. The future health of their children is being jeopardised by getting them hooked on this awful food. Secondly, they are masters of public relations and marketing and it would be very difficult to take them on in that arena, rather we should bombard, via e-mails perhaps, as many sites as we can to protest against ALL fast food chains. I think parents in particular should be made aware of the dangers of these high fat, high salt and high sugar diets, then perhaps we'll get somewhere. It would help greatly if members of the medical profession could endorse such warnings !

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