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Posted by: Arjuna on July 26, 1999 at 17:32:58:

In Reply to: customer care posted by Alex oliver on July 20, 1999 at 01:18:30:

: would someone please explain to me why every M'Ds I have visited in this country, all the staff have been slow unpleasent and in some cases dam right rude yet none of the managers seem to care and let them get away with it.By the way if you ever visit Blackpool dont go to the M'Ds on Preston New Road its the worst ever

The bottom line is that McDonald's doesn't care about you. You alone do not affect the company's bottom line to the extent that they should care. Even if you tell your closest friends (word of mouth is powerful), the company doesn't care. When companies get as big as McDonald's, they don't have to care anymore. If you should affect their bottom line to a significant extent, I'm sure they would sue you before they would work to resolve the problem(s) that prompted you to hurt the company.

You'll find that mom and pop restaurants, where the owners are around from opening to closing, will usually treat you much better (unless you come across the "soup nazi"). At that level, they have to care. They want you to come back. If you're a great customer, they'll love to see you. Maybe they'll even remember your name and your usual order. You've probably been to such a place before. I have.

As these small restaurants grow, they take on young employees to help run the place. Sometimes the young employees become managers and supervisors, and the owners no longer have to stick around. This is where problems could come in if the employees are not selected and trained well. What I see at many fast-food places are high school kids acting like they're on the playground. They stay long enough (where else are these uneducated, unskilled kids going to go?), so they become leaders. They influence subordinants with their poor attitude, and they try to remain popular among co-workers just like in high school. Instead of caring about the reputation of the business they're representing, they are most worried about their own reputations. They're worried about how their co-workers will treat them when a mistreated customer with a complaint finally leaves the restaurant. To them, it's McDonald's employees against the world. Customers are always wrong, and fellow workers must be defended no matter what. I don't even bother complaining because I understand the sociology of this.

YOu can always complain to the corporation, but they'll probably take months to get to you, and even then all you'll receive is a form letter. Maybe you'll receive a call from the very person who demonstrated that he didn't care when an employee was rude to you (or slow, etc.), or perhaps you'll receive a call from someone higher up, who is defensive and rude himself. Maybe you'll get a gift certificate for free fries, but I'm sure it's just their way to get you to buy a drink and a burger to go along with it. How nice of them.

They don't care, and as long as we continue to buy from them, they don't have to. It's as simple as that.

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