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maybe you should have done this..

Posted by: tree frog on August 05, 1999 at 11:00:04:

In Reply to: You will NEVER believe this one.... posted by Dawn Winkler on July 20, 1999 at 01:19:08:

it seems to me like you had a problem with mc donalds before you ever walked through the doors. i also suspect that the order taker did not understand your wishes,and that you got snippy with him instead of trying to talk to him like he was a person and explain exactly what you wanted. after all, most customers would not want to pay for something that they are not recieving, and you're request was probably misunderstood. like you said, this scene was beyond illogical, that is why i think that it is nothing more than a misunderstanding twisted around to make the cashier look like a brainless wonder.

if you were so determined to get the cheaply made, over priced toy for your little darling, and you didn't want to eat the cheeseburger or fries to begin with, why didn't you just order the whole meal, remove the gimmicky toy, and pitch the entire meal? then you could have ordered some water on the side,and everyone would have been fine.

by arguing with the cashier, you are showing your son that it is so important to get your own way everytime, even if it means yelling at employees who are just doing thier job. is a little plastic toy really that important for your son? i'm sure there are better things you can fill his childhood with, such as how to treat other people.

my mother would have never put that much importance on getting me a dumb little plastic toy.

sorry to seem so rude, but i think you really should consider altering your perspective on this.

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