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Sucker for Capitalism

Posted by: Stevie D ( None, Wales, Europe ) on August 09, 1999 at 14:41:30:

In response to the Aussie chap who thinks tha all we have to do is not eat there, this is a classic "Sucker for Capitalism" response insofar as it overlooks the chances for us to change other peoples opinions. If I am only one person who is sensible enough to not sponser a cult of consumeerism and death but millions of others aren't the n there is clearly a long way to go. Just in case you're feeling indignantly in favour of Mcdonalds, next time you walk past one of their delightful outlets try to estimate the percentage of people in there who actually look like they are having a GOOD TIME!, Not many I'll wager. Sorry 'bout the speling which I kno is truly appeailing.

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