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Drugged zombies have successful business

Posted by: Ed Goofoffsome ( Various, USA ) on August 24, 1999 at 12:40:46:

McDonalds success was the industrial age: it's a factory, assembly line, predictable and economic value. March a gazillion stupid beasts into a truck for slaughter, feed billions of stupid parent's poor children, somewhere in between make a ton of money supplying carion, transporting crap, lying about piss and bacteria on the slaughter floors, payoff anyone that would care to look into regulating the disaster. Cant ignore the smell of grease as I ride by, disgust of the dead meatlocker inside, and why pity the zombies with coupons on the carousel drivethru. They're humans, imperfect, prone to sin...buzzards,rats,snakes and maggots reincarnate. Disturbed, yes, vengeful, no, uninterested in their system yes. Thanks for the website.

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