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Hate will always exist

Posted by: vf1ace ( USA ) on September 01, 1999 at 11:28:45:

In truth no matter where you go the sad fact is....we must hate something.It is natural to find a release of anger and ..in all honesty Mcdonalds is the biggest and easiest target to hit. Let me put it to you this way....mcdonalds offers thousands in scholarships for music and arts .There commitment to education has blossomed into assuring that there upper management have all taken college classes
and have recieved a degree of in business.As far as food taste and quality go ...ive seen enough smiling faces to know that Mcdonalds isnt all that bad. But i also know that some people cannot and will
not be satisified. Case in point. We had a regular customer in my restaurant whos soul purpose was to complain about anything and everything .....my mission ....make him my friend. At first it didnt go to well....in fact it got down right mean...if i could type the words he would use on myself and my team ...lets just say i would be censored for life!! but he still kept coming back?!?! why??? there were plenty of places near by for coffee...which is what he always got.
So what brought him back? Well i gues it was the fact that we at least tried to talk to the guy ! I first met the gentleman 2 years ago...today we shared a laugh about who went in the door first . Yes we all have our bad and good experiences but the truth remains ..why live in dark moods when the lighter side of life is so much brighter!
ive posted messages before (sorry about the bad typing) and i know that everyone here has a valid point im glad people are given the opportunity to vent there concerns and feelings....but remember Mcdonalds didnt start out as a big company ...it took one person with a vision of quality and service.....i mean our founder used to scrub the parking lots himself?!?!?!? In truth yes mcdonalds has a large market share....and we do have the resources to hold that....but what people really want is quality service and cleanliness!!!! and if you as a small business can give that to a customer on a consistant basis then you have a nich in america.....everyday new business pop up and yes every day new business fail as well....but that is life....reality bites i know but when you have a dream to succeed then you can and will!!!!!Obviously i work for mcdonalds and will for a long time. But my restaurant and company are only as successful as we as individuals make it!!! We dont make money from commercials ...we earn our business with each smile we get ...with every thank you and yes even with every hug we get!!!!!:)
believe what you will and feel what you will that is the choice of free will .....but i know that "My Mcdonalds" does all it can and will continually do all it can .........my motto is ..."its not a them thing its a we thing"

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