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Posted by: McChick ( Australia ) on September 01, 1999 at 11:53:01:

In Reply to: The McOz posted by The Close King on August 31, 1999 at 13:24:26:

Well, I disagree with you, I like the McOz. Everyone has their own opinion. I like it because it doesn't have pickles or the horrible Deluxe sauce. So now all I have to order if I'm have to eat there outside of work, is a McOz without meat or mustard, rather than a McFeast without meat, mustard, pickles, and deluxe sauce. To everyone: The meat is disgusting, this is coming from someone who works there - DON'T EAT IT. Actually it'd be best not to eat anything from McDonald's - you haven't made it and don't know whose hands have been on your food without gloves and where those hands have been.
I don't mind the McOz as much as you do because I don't have to cook it I guess, since I work out the front. It's no extra hassle to me, and it also sells better than the McFeast, which means there might actually be some product there when I need it, rather than having to wait for it.

McSpotlight: This isn't the place to engage in fast food advocacy; Julie from BK has a fast food forum on Delphi that you can argue this sort of subject in; it's not what McSpotlight is here for, really.

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