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Bigger is Better? Not at McD's......

Posted by: Darya ( USA ) on September 03, 1999 at 11:19:00:

I was speaking with a friend recently (that unfortunately still eats McD's) about their chicken McNuggets. In most areas in the USA, the largest box of nuggets, 20, costs about $5.00.
However, a box of 4 mcnuggets only costs 88 cents. So if you buy 5 boxes of the four piece nuggets, the total comes to $4.40.
I believe that this is just one of the ways that McD scams its customers. If someone goes in and is hungry for nuggets they will order the biggest size and lose about 60 cents.

MdSpotlight do you know anything about things like this? Not only are they selling the worst food for anyone they are also ripping people off as well.
If anyone knows other things like this please post them and I will be glad to hear them.

McSpotlight: None of us really know about everyday prices at McD's because none of us would ever eat there.

As for ripping people off, well, yes; it's McD's preferred mode of operation on the global scale; to continue maximising profit without regard for social or environmental disruption...

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