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Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North TX, USA ) on September 06, 1999 at 12:24:32:

In Reply to: The same as big tobacco business!!! posted by Concerned students on September 01, 1999 at 11:51:50:

Those for less freedom of choice said:

: Like some key professionals have been saying for the past 6 months that Mcfilthy's is killing our children every day. The data will be in around the year 2015 that this food quality has destroyed the young people of america and Mcfilthy's will pay each state 3.2 billion and each person 1,200 that has eaten this filth from this so called restaurant of the evil clown. Please pick your food joints and read the health labels on all products. False advertising like the ghost says sell to American kids just as the street junkie peddles his product to our young. We need congressional intervention into this evil empire!!! Please write your congressperson about the hazards of Mcfilthy's, believe me they are aware of this problem!!!

Hey PG! Where are you hiding at?!! You've got some diciples here!!! Anyway, this is a disturbing trend, blaming McDonald's and the fast food industry in general for the consequences of your willful choices. As for big tobacco, there are sources that say since nicotine kills off many people early, insurance and medicare are actually saving money, and it's been said that people in the insurance industry and medicare insiders admit this. Excuse the morbidity of this statement, if it's true.

But the attitude seems to be We need a scapegoat!! Message to Carrie, Just Say No. There are other places out there that have decent food at reasonable prices. Not that I'm advertising, but I've found that Quizno's, a rapidly growing sandwich shop chain, makes quality products that are healthier than what the burger and fries joints sell. You're not giving up the McD food because you obviously don't want to. Don't blame the chain. It's your choice. As for the problem you mentioned, I've heard of this wonderful invention called Beano, which is supposed to improve the digestibility of most foods.

In closing, I'm for maintaining a smaller government and keeping our freedom of choice, which will be restricted if goverment goes after the fast food industry like they are tobacco and guns.


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