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Posted by: Mary O'Grady ( Texas ) on September 08, 1999 at 16:41:21:

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: Its so amazing ! here we are talking about culture ......and yet what did our country do not to long ago to o so many other cultures......in truth america is a cultural mystery in an of itself??? We dont have a singular culture but infact are blessed by a smidge of every single citizen !! A dab of dutch a glop of german a twist of thia and an inkling of italy ....we are a smorgasbord of cultural variety and yet people think our culture is being destroyed by a company? The fact is we are our own culture and fate...it us up to us to have family reunions to share our family culture it is up to us to share our heritage with future generations ...its sad when someone can actually say that a company has made them lose there culture .....a shame that someone hasnt enough pride in there past and heritage to allow a companies image to alter there own thoughts and ideas....in reality people must find someone to blame for the worlds ill's and guess what ?! Here we are as the big target for everyone to hit. But we can take it .....not on a personal level mind you ....ive never taken anything said about my company to the heart...because you see im an individual and as such i have whats called "free will" which means i decide what i want and dont want to do. its a strange concept yes but true!
: So for any employees out there who feel ashamed for working for mcdonalds remember one important thing.......as an employee you are already doing something about your life to better yourself..your working!!!!! and also remember that the company you work for is run by ....i hope your ready for this......human beings!?!? shocking yes!
: and as human being we make mistakes ...so take any small errors done in stride ....know that what is done at work is business and not personal......never personal....As a manager for Mcdonalds i know the challenge of seperating personal from business ....ive had to hold the employee who just found out there grandmother died....ive been there waiting for the call from the hospital in hopes that an employees mothers' surgery went well.....yes i take all stabs to the company seriously ...but not to the heart...because my heart is there for my crew my employeess.....my family ......

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: McSpotlight: What *did* your country do not too long ago to other people? I can think of any number of things...

Yes, American culture, which is really a kaleidoscope of local cultures, is being destroyed by McDonald's and the rest of the fast food industries. Travel down any major highway: when you pull off for a snack in, say, southern Illinois, do you think for one second you will be able to score a slice of gooseberry pie and a coffee (and possibly a relaxed chat) instead of some mass-produced deep-fried detritus in a glaring plastic feeding station? Why is it easier, on any U.S. coast, to buy a spongy sandwich with a tasteless slug of bleached, vaguely fishlike substance in the middle, rather than a cheap dish from the local catch?

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