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Posted by: BOB on September 08, 1999 at 16:44:09:

In Reply to: The day congress gets involved posted by mom on September 04, 1999 at 21:38:21:

: We need congressional intervention into this evil empire!!! Please write your congressperson about the hazards of Mcfilthy's, believe me they are aware of this problem!!!

: The day congress gets involved in what McDonalds should or shouldn't sell is the day I will change my registration to Republican and shout from the hilltops that America is no longer free.

MOM go back to sleep, congress and bill clinton love people like you because you don't have a clue. Before you change your registration go to this hilltop you refer to, I assure you the hilltop is full and the shouting is defening.I'm sorry we woke you up but since your awake, here is a news flash "AMERICA IS NO LONGER FREE"!!!! would any of us be airing our complaints on the net if it were???? It is the only thing they dont have total controle over,like the media, as soon as they do have controle, websites such as the debating room will be eliminated like our friends in Waco.

McSpotlight: To do that, they'd have to hit 5 different countries across the world. Simultaneously.

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