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A little thought provoker

Posted by: Johan Husty ( Thought Thro Action Ltd, UK ) on September 14, 1999 at 01:52:34:

I have submitted this to a number of magazines, I hope they will print it. I showed it to a friend in publishing who said that it had potential!

Hope you like it too!

P.S: please don't copy it, It could be worth something to me. (spiritually that is!)

Life is really nice,
Full of herbs and spice,
Grown fresh in a line,
Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme,
Veggies grown too,
potato, carrots and tomatoo,
Cook 'em all in a pot,
tell you what I'll scoff the lot!
Mcdonalds processed rubbish,
cannot provide the same roughage,
I love fresh fresh food,
fit and healthy in mind and mood,
Lentils, Pasta, rice and wheat,
mix 'em well what a treat,
free range, milk eggs and butter,
that's better the cows mutter,
veggie lives are the best,
we can live without the rest,
meat and death not for us,
life and living what a buss.

Kind Regards,

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