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Just another example of how the McD worship of the almighty dollar has no conscience.

Posted by: Dan ( AUSTRALIA ) on September 14, 1999 at 19:37:06:

In Reply to: McD, just who the hell are you using for PR here? posted by Jeff on August 25, 1999 at 11:26:15:

: I've just been thinking of the wonderful achievements of Maccas in the past few months.

: a. Grilled(?) Chicken. I still say they're painted on
: b. McMatch and win. Everybody wins a new car!!! If all of last year's stock was accounted for and destroyed or not used(according to Maccas PR), just how did it appear again this year? No way possible that all claimants are lying and hid the tokens away for a year.
: c. That house. Wonderful bit of news this. Why don't they open on top of Ayers rock, that would have been less controversial!! (OK, I'm joking on that one)

: Once again, good job guys
: PS> I have not PR experience whatsoever, how about giving me the job?

Speaking of McMatch and win, picture this, here I am ducking into McDonald's in Bourke St, Melbourne (toilet purposes, not food!), where I get cornered on the way out by som unsavoury type who asks me for my McMatch and win tags (which I don't have any of of course). So he threatens, and tries to beat me up. A customer came to my rescue and called the gut off while I called the police on my mobile phone.

After the incident is over, McD's security come out from behind the counter where they were hiding and told me not to worry because the entire incident was on camera and the person who had assaulted me would no longer be served! hMM. I found out ;later that afternoon that I was the third perosn to be attacked in that McD's in three days and the other attacks were at gun point. Nice to see that in the name of McD's customers are now required to suffer as wll as animals and employees. What point is security if they have no intention of appearing until after any drama has finished. Just another example of how the McD worship of the almighty dollar has no conscience.

I feel much better with that off my chest!

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: McSpotlight: We're McSpotlight; and not anything supported by McD's (quite the reverse); so PR disasters are absolutely fine by us...

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