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Posted by: Chris ( miami, U.S.A. ) on September 15, 1999 at 22:40:18:

Lets talk about modern day Slavery for a change. Mcdonalds leads the forefront in this issue. Today is September 14th 1999 and yes ladies and gentlemen Slavery is still a very strong part of our culture. Maybe not in the same way that it was exploited hundreds of years ago but definitely in a more refined way.

Today's top news in Miami was Hurricane Floyd, yet it should have been on how Mcdonalds dragged Managers and employees out of the safety and security of there homes to go open there stupid stores and make that all mighty dollars. While all of the Operation Managers and Field Consultants out of there Main office in Boca Raton stayed home and called out the shoots like slave drivers used to not so long ago.
I ask you this who or what gives these people the right to risk the safety and security of these employees. Why don't they come from there homes and open the stores themselves? Why instead of calling the shots they don't get involved in these risky decisions they make. I bet that all of the main guys in there home office never even considered coming out of there homes today. That might also explain why there main office stayed closed today but yet they make there employees work at the store level.
the reason why I am so upset is because Mcdonalds has never and will probably never treat there employee's at the store level at with the respect that they deserve. Some of these people have forgotten how without there people they wouldn't have a business. Prime example is this situation. Instead of letting there employees stay with there families in case of the worse case scenario happening (Floyd hitting the area} they are so caught up in making money that they have forgotten that these people have families that need them and want them at home and not at work when.
Gentlemen you have lost my respect as a business man and more importantly to me as a human. I will never go to your salve camps again and I will try to make my message clear to all of my colleagues and people that I know.

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