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McDonalds use of beef.

Posted by: Jamie Lockwood ( Friends of British Beef, Britain ) on September 17, 1999 at 20:26:07:

It is good to see a website which supportas an organisation such a this, it is hard for multi-nationals is this day and age with all these lilly livered liberals arguing and protesting so good stuff.

I came here through a general search but felt i would take advantage of the opportunity.

I am sorry to be a little negative about MD but why do they not use british beef, after all the trauma over Europe we are now realising that our beef is the best.

So I say that they should use british beef and support our farmers, who are suffering enough with the ever increasing plague of vegetrianism,

I would appreciate your views.

McSpotlight: And you post shows that you haven't looked through the site at all; McSpotlight exists to enlighten the public about all the ugly truths of McDonald's business that they'd rather you didn't know about. Supporting McDonald's is just about the last thing we'd do.

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