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McDonalds and breaks for employees

Posted by: melinda ( USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:34:52:

I just get so tired of the hassle of trying to get breaks when working at McDonalds. The stress is really the highest of any place I've ever worked before and I just wish the employees could be treated a little better. I always heard it was a great place to be employed and I have to admit I like the food and I am not a complainer as to the workload, but I just wish that the rules would be upheld better, and the establishment could better the conditions so that the employees would stay and not have such a large turnover in employment. I can't figure out how a big corporation like McDonalds can keep their business open when the rules are not upheld, and employees can't seem to get a daily break when they feel hungry. It's not like we have to leave to order food!!!!

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