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What is the world comming to?

Posted by: Daniel ( -, Australia ) on September 27, 1999 at 15:44:40:

What is the world coming to when McDollars creates a burger called "McOZ"? How DARE they try and Associate our beautiful country with their crappy burger? For all of you who don't know, McOZ is a crappy burger which contains onions and beetroot. Is it true that if McDonalds sold burgers with beetroot all over the world they would use up ALL of the beetroot? mcspotlight?

And as for the McChicken-shit burger, does it really contain rabbit? can you help me with this mcspotlight? Can ANYONE give me a list of ingredients for each item @ McDonalds?

I am so glad that this site exists, and I whish I could help out somehow.

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