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McRubbish must and will be eliminted NOW!!!

Posted by: David Peal ( USA ) on September 29, 1999 at 14:15:56:

In Reply to: McRubbish remains a symphony of lies!! posted by Paranoid Ghost on September 27, 1999 at 01:58:49:

: I'm telling you all now....fuck McRubbish!!!..NO good liars!

As has been stated several times by several very informed members of this forum: Mcfilthy's must be eliminated from this false advertising campain they have unvailed on the American people. These coporate Krook wannabees must be stopped in thier traacks before more damage is done. Ghost only wanted a simple sandwich that was pictured in those false adds that Mcfilthy's continue to spread on our children and he was so offended that he did what any honest American would do and that was to throw the poor product and the dirty floor and Demand a new sandwich somewhat as advertized in all the false advertizing techniqus that this EVIl clown uses on the American children. Write your congress people about this evil empire that is instep with the tobacco companies on false advertizing and killing our children. Listen to the Ghost. this man is a prophet sent from above to help all americans recover from the evil doing of the black heart clown over the pass 35 years!!!

McSpotlight: Look, even if they got the picture-perfect hamburger, it would still be the product of cruelty, exploitation and environmental destruction, leading to possible ill-health and litter.

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