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LOL!! You and the Ghost say the damnedest things!!!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Tonite's match: Rocko vs. Ronald, TX, USA ) on October 03, 1999 at 19:58:04:

In Reply to: Night crawlers for 1.59 I'LL have another please posted by Terry Dyer on September 29, 1999 at 14:16:26:

: : Morris: I can buy 20 nightcrawlers for US$1.59, which weigh about two ounces all together. Meanwhile, ground beef costs about $1.00 per pound. Perhaps worms are nutitious, but they certainly don't save any money.

: Mcdonald;s wouldn't spend 1.59 to pay a lot cleaner to harvest the worm farm. This company thinks in terms of Rats and how they can srew the american people like the Krook did in all his early years. Rats are the Mcdonald's Mascot not worms. I'd rather eat 1.59 of worms than the false advertized bIG mAC O fILTH AND THE EGG MCNOTHING ANY DAY.

I don't feel screwed! I usually get the quality food that I paid for when I visit Ronald's place. I'd personally rather not have any part of eating rats or worms, thank you very much. And again, I don't see anything in McD advertising that's a major issue in terms of fraud.

As for working conditions, at least here in TX, the employees seem to be treated OK by their supervisors and managers. Maybe not paid a king's ransom, but I haven't met very many people in my lifetime who started out as Executive VP of ANY firm. The only criticism I could make against some managers of McD and other fast food places is that they might be a bit too easygoing and permissive, to the point where they are wimps, for want of a better word. They seem to lack the balls to get tough when it's called for in terms of "motivating" a slacking crew, because they want to "be popular".

As for Ray Kroc, I never met him so I can't say if he was all that or a mean bastard. But I guess it can be said that he did for the restaurant industry what Henry Ford did for the automobile. But I'll listen to your side of the story. When is your expose' book supposed to come out (or is it David Peal who's doing that project?)?


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