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McDonalds-how wrong could I be?

Posted by: Conniss ( Britain ) on October 03, 1999 at 20:02:25:

Hi Everyone, I came to this site and decided to take the guided tour of the McDonalds fine website. Fortunatly I clicked on the real website and found myself free-floating in the glorious world of McDonalds without all that lefty nonsense down the side of the page. And what a world I found it to be.

Now that the commentary had gone, I was free to explore and absorb the free flow of wonderous information on fast food, like a giant sponge in an Encyclopeadia puree.

The highlight for me was when I took the dream-like eco-tour and saw all the good work that McDs does for ... well ... just about everyone. Waterproofs made out of old plastic bottles and new habitats for monkeys.... Gosh!

Surely Ronald McD is a God and should be worshipped as the icon of good working practices and nutritious fast food deliverance he truly is.

Hope you will all come around to my viewpoint soon and reach the nirvana that I have acquired through fast food.....and drugs.....monkeys .....AAAaaah.

McSpotlight: The key word being "drugs", presumably...

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