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I had to serve abusive drunk men who vomited on the counter

Posted by: Shazam ( Australia ) on October 03, 1999 at 20:05:28:

I can't believe all the people who have written in complaining about service at Mc Donalds, that their burger doesn't look like the one on the ad, that the foods too expensive etc - have these people actually read anything on the Mc Spotlight webpages???? If they have I'm surprised that they are not embarassed to admit they support Mc Donalds (by eating there). From my impression the idea of Mc Spotlight is that it is not a forum to complain about how annoyed you were when you went to Maccas last time and the fries were cold, but a place to expose the truth about this dreadful corporation. I also want to say that as a former crew person at Mc Donalds - it was the worst job I ever had - I wish I had never worked for such an evil company. I worked in a busy city store where one night I was called a stupid bitch by a drunk customer leering over the counter at me - needless to say the manager on duty dissapeared into his office - another crew member I was working with had to tell the drunk guy that he was not going to stand for that kind of language and to get out. Later when i asked my manager why he hadn't come out to help he just laughed. I frequently had to put up with drunk men abusing me (the mc donalds was right next door to a bar) and using offensive and sexually explicit language (one even once vomited over the counter and then came back 5mins later and ordered a quarter pounder) The managers never intervened - they just wanted me to serve the drunk guys as quickly as possible , never mind the fact that I had been verbally abused by them. I don't believe any employee should have to take that crap and still be expected to serve the customer. But of course Maccas only cares about making a buck - even if it is from drunk and abusive people.

McSpotlight: Give that poster a medal! We're not here to provide a site for people to talk about how bad their own personal McD's experiences are; we're not a complaint site; what we are is something that is questioning the whole validity of fast food as a whole; not just McDonald's, but Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC and any other mass-market establishment that inflicts poor nutrition and junk culture on us...

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