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Mcdonalds is trying to take over the world!

Posted by: Leah ( Australia ) on October 04, 1999 at 11:08:51:

All evidence supports my hypothesis!
They own over 25,000 stores world wide!
They spent over $2 billion a year on advertising!
They con and brainwash poor helpless little children that they MUST get the Happy Meal because of the cool toy.
Mcdonalds is a cruel and brutal company who is trying to brainwash us all into buying their products and give them the extra dollar.

I just want to thank Mcspotlight for what they are doing and I want to say that I intend to tell my whole (Year 12) english class all about Mcdonalds when I present my Propaganda speech. Mcdonalds is a fine target considering their whole existance is a lie. Thank you for all the information you have on this site, it is fantastic.

McSpotlight: No problems :)

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