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Just Say MO'!!! [heh heh ain't I cute]

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Rocko The Clown Fan Club, TX, USA ) on October 05, 1999 at 14:29:02:

In Reply to: No!!!!! posted by Darya on October 04, 1999 at 10:55:05:

Darya, I swear, today you make Oscar T. Grouch seem like easy-going Mr. Rogers by comparison. It's like someone planted a thumb-tack in your chair. Lighten up a little, eh?

: No, I would not even think of going to a McD's store even after seeing one of their silly commercials, but I think you are missing the point: commercials are supposed to and DO INFLUENCE PEOPLE'S THINKING!!! That is the point of advertisement!!!

Only if people let them, D. But most people are very much aware that advertising is prone to bending the truth, even breaking it, and exaggerating a point or two. If I allowed advertising to take over my life and influence my thinking, I'd be in financial doo doo. That is I'd actually listen to every telemarketer's spin, buy every product, join every for-profit program, and donate to every "policeman's ball" and other "charities" pitched to me by said marketers. And I'd believe every infomercial on late-night TV. If I were really overtaken, I'd actually sign up with Don Lapre's get-rich-quick-scheme program, and run that Prolong "super-lubricant" in my engine, WITHOUT motor oil, just for fun, just like they "demonstrated" in that TV ad. I'd be a broke broke broke "bloke" with a fried engine and no transportation. But alas I for one have a brain, and I don't let the sales pitches suck me in. When I go to McDonald's, I go because I want to, not because of a ridiculous commercial of theirs told me to. Yes I do eat out frequently, but I go to a variety of restaurants, including private, independent ones. McD doesn't have a stronghold on my billfold.

This particular ad was apparently targeted at a young audience, thus leading them to think that the grease laden food is good for them and to be an adult they have to eat such malnutritious garbage. If memory serves me there should be some part of this site about McDonald's advertisements geared towards children, and you should read it.

The TV set should not be used as a babysitter. Parents should make time and spend it with their children, teach 'em good eating habbits, and fix them quality meals at home, not substitute an evening at the Arches or some other fast food place for "quality family time" every night. Yes, kids are impressionable, and I'm not denying that pushing that button is popular with the ad writers. But the kids' adult parents need to do their job, and teach them to think for themselves, and not to believe everything they hear, also that McD's every night is not good for you, occasionally it's fine. As for the boy and his dad commercial you brought up, yes I saw that too, and I agree it's stupid. I've handled larger burgers than the mac before I was even 6 years old myself. I needed no help at all "starting the thing". But that's Madison Avenue for ya. Que sara sara! [There's always the MUTE button on the remote control.] I'm not really sure what message that ad was trying to convey, nor do I care.

: No I wouldn't like fries with that, and maybe McGarbage is a meaningful part of your life but it isn't of mine. Hopefully, McD's won't be around for many more years to come, because with all of the environmental damage it is doing presently to our earth, this planet really wouldn't be worth living in.

There are sources that have done much more "environmental damage" than a simple burger chain could ever be capable of executing. A big emphasis is on the recent NATURAL disasters, and the incident in Tokyo. It's damn scary, and that ain't no joke. The bad side of McDonald's is the very least of my concerns as of right here and now.

So there is no love lost between you and McD's. You're having no part of it. Fine. It's a free country. But I don't think they are going south anytime soon. And I don't want that to happen. I'm sure the Oake Brooke HQ and Hamburger University have their share of lower level supervisors, secretaries, office employees each doing their part of the probably numerous clerical tasks, and plenty of hard-working data processing personnel, including computer and print shop operators, and programmer/analysts. Most very likely honest, hard-working people who appreciate their paychecks. Unemployment sucks, and there would be plenty of that [worldwide!!!] should Ronald's "empire" fall. All of you gleefully hoping for any firm to fail and fall should spank yourselves!!

A final word about advertising before I go. You need to let people know about your product one way or the other. Getting the public's attention is the ad writer's job. And there is no way around the practice of accentuating the positive and diverting attention away from the negative. No man-made product is perfect, after all. Just about everything made and sold has a good side, and unavoidable bad side. At least McDonald's doesn't hire obnoxious salespeople to call and bug you in the evening while you're watching your favorite video or relaxing with a good book.


McSpotlight: They do hire obnoxious lawyers to try and silence people, though; which is just as bad in our books.

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