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I worked at one of the busiest stores in the UK.

Posted by: Kalvin P. Chapman ( UK ) on October 05, 1999 at 14:41:09:

In Reply to: Close times posted by McChick on October 04, 1999 at 10:55:34:

You sound like you have a realy good store to work in. I worked at one of the busiest stores in the UK. It's the McD's on Princess Street in Edinburgh. We have been known to take over 4,000 an HOUR! And, unless there is a head office visit, we would have about four people and two managers on a close. Remember, this is an extraordinarily busy store. They took many millions per year, and it would take, under normal circs, about three hours to do a close. They would love it if we had done it in an hour.

I then moved to a smaller store, which was still busy. We'd have two or three crew and one manager. We'd be out in two hours, by 1am. Anytime that we weren't there was hell to play, as it cut into labour costs too much. However, if you look in the various testimony of McDonalds experts, they said that if costs were too high, or if turnover was down on the year before, there wasn't too much pressure on the management. BULLSHIT! That is all I can say to them.

The pressure to keep within costs, yields (Why do they drum yields into from day one, if there is no pressure? Why do they pour out of date McMilk cartons into the shake machine to keep costs down if there isn't any pressure?) etc is enormous. Its pathetic, and leads to positions were people are rushing so fast to get off closes that they end up having accidents. (One guy up in a store in scotland fell straight into the fry station, arms first. Another girl at the Telford store in Edinburgh fell straight onto the grill during a busy saturday afternoon! Theres hundred sof examples. But, if you come from a store where it is easy, you're lucky, so savour it. Its not like that at a lot of them

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