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Posted by: A daffodil------- (* (hahaha) ( Australia ) on October 06, 1999 at 11:58:14:

In Reply to: MCWONDERFUL WORLD posted by DEEZ NUTTZ on October 05, 1999 at 14:35:32:

You said how can people say things about McDonalds crap service well McDonalds probably make several billion dollars a year. A large portion of this I am guessing goes to exetremly high paid executive types earning several million dollars a year. It is corporations like this that have sent the 3rd world countries bankrupt. Sorry that this has gone from a McDonalds rant into a rant on society (is that the right word?). No doubt if a person with intelligence out there reads this he will say "Well at least Maccas aren't using slaves like in a 3rd world country" This is true but they only do it because of laws preventing them.

Also (don't quote me on this) I heard that Ray Croc bought milkshake makers off of the McDonalds brothers and then got the idea to combine it with a burger restaurant (eatery might be a better word), can anybody spot the irony here? it is like taking coke away from the coke factory and replacing it with a substance which if found on a human in large quantities is a cause for ridicule but when consumed in a drink is considered nice. Also I would like to put forward a theory that Maccas feed people so that they get extremely obease, then they slaughter them and put them into shakes hehehe.

note: Author can't back up what he says with anything but heresay and realises it may be false.

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