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What the Australian Vice President Has to Say

Posted by: Anthony ( Australia ) on October 06, 1999 at 12:10:46:

I recentently had the Australian Vice President of McDonalds on the phone, so I thought you may like to know what he said.

Firstly, he stated that McDonalds should never have become involved in the McLibel case; though not because they were threatening free speech - just because it was bad press.

The most interesting part was when he said that McDonalds should only be eaten in small quantities, but then acknowledged that their own advertising persuades more regular consumption. When asked if he was willing to make a comment on the ETHICS of this he politely declined.

[He did, however, add some interesting thoughts of his own. McDonalds is not the only company that acts this way. Afterall, he is a parent, and has to deal with his own children being brainwashed (my term, not his) by advertising.]

At the end of the day? I wonder he recognises what he does?

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