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Persuade me please!!

Posted by: Fifa ( AUSTRALIA ) on October 07, 1999 at 10:37:25:

o.k now i've been reading a few of these debates but no-one has in any way influenced me not to purchase from McDonalds. You say they destroy rainforests , of course they do every company harms the planet in some way or another but i want to know in plain english the hard facts of why Macas is such a bad place. Don't get me wrong i don't support them but at the moment i'm not against them either. Are you sure you're not all just getting caught up in the minor issues? I mean Macdonalds is a business, every small business/ franchise exploits their workers. I work for Bakers Delight and work 8 hr shifts with no break , all they want to do is make a profit and who doesn't. I'm not saying i'm happy about it . Can someone please just give me a few facts cuz there's no way i'll have time to sort through the whole debate!!

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