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I love this website, I love cyberspace

Posted by: ed-gee ( usa ) on October 08, 1999 at 10:58:53:

All of my life, well this life and not my past lives, I've dreamed of this place - becuase I really hate McDonalds too. I know I am lucky that I had other work and never was given a bumsteer to earn a dime in that greasy robot butchery aka M.C. Donalds. Bless the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Stay away from the spoiling rot, better to fast than catch some fries and pop on the tollroad. Take Subway...its a wierd way to cut bread, but one can find food there...they even ask if you really want cheese on the sandwhich...which I dont. They really need to get the eggs out of their meatless patty though. Taco Bueno, without the Chili Sauce, is okay...if they dont spill the meat pieces into the bean mash...have you ever seen them put corn starch on the cheese...and how come my pintos are so much different than their bean mash? Hmm. Not to get off on a tangent...I love cyberspace in which I can truly tell the world, and the whole world at that, that I hate McDonalds, and Wendys and Burger King and Hardees and Whattaburger and Lottaburger and Brownies hamburgers and, well, every hamburger place on earth. Thank you, Ill shut up now..back to work.

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