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when McDonalds eaters have all died of heart disease

Posted by: Naomi ( Australia ) on October 11, 1999 at 12:57:34:

In Reply to: Whinge whinge whinge... posted by Dionne on October 10, 1999 at 17:47:54:

We'll see who is laughing in a few years when McDonalds eaters have all died of heart disease and there is no environment left to be exploited! You're just bitter about the McMatch & Win farce. I sincerely hope McDonalds suffer an embarrasing loss in that court case too!

: You people are nothing but a bunch of bitter socialists. McDonald's does more for the environment and charity than most other corportaions would ever even consider. They employ thousands of people every day, follow an active environmental policy, have set up their own support chain for terminally-ill children and their families, fund local charities and sporting organisations, and of course, satisfy millions of customers every minute. Don't you think that it would be a lot more productive for you to be out in the real world actually DOING something about your grievances, rather than just sitting on your fat asses bitching about politically-correct crap??! I find this site just one big joke, and the fact that McDonald's is growing by one store every day only makes me laugh harder.

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