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Posted by: c. prevost ( US ) on October 11, 1999 at 13:00:15:

Back in the 1950's a friend told me that he and some other people were opening a hamburger stand. A hamburger stand? Are you crazy? There's no money in that, I said. It's a mom and pop business. No money there. I'd never heard of McDonalds, but this was what my friend and his buddies were opening. So why did McDonalds succeed in a field that was dominated by little hamburger stands. One reason, it turned out, was the automobile. High school kids made McDonalds and the McDonalds lots their meeting places. And then there were the moms who didn't want to cook supper. Send the kids out to come home with hamburgers for the family. Does it ever occur to the critics of McDonalds that people are exercising their freedom of choice? No one forces anyone to eat at McDonalds. Do the clowns want to force people not to eat at McDonalds. Institute a fascist state that will close all the Golden Arches down for the good of society? I suspect this is exactly what is in their little old minds.

McSpotlight: Far from it. But can you make an informed choice if McDonald's silences all groups that would dare to criticize them?

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