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Posted by: BurgerFry ( USA ) on October 13, 1999 at 20:22:27:

McDonalds' only appeal to the American public is price--that is what the company is founded on. They have a substandard product (yum, more fillers less meat!), served by a minimum wage group of zombies (no future Einsteins in this bunch!), and a PR machine that won't stop (what the heck kind of role model is the HamBURGLER? Isn't the crime rate bad enough...).

Don't eat there. Plain and simple. This is not "fast food" it is just some slickly packaged combination of pseudo-meat and day-old breads. Isn't your health and well being worth more than a greasy Mc Flip Flop smothered in the "secret(1000 island dressing)sauce"!

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