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Fuck the clown

Posted by: Nick ( lunchtime liberation front, UK ) on October 17, 1999 at 17:23:54:

I don't care about anything McDonalds do, frankly they are no better than any other company that dominates our American imposed culture of consumer populism.
What I do care about, passionately, is the fact that we have an enforced dumbing down imposed on is by MacDonalds who have reached for the most simple, fuss free idiot logo known to man, Ronald Mc-fucking-Donald. After reading Stephen King's IT half the western world saw clown as killer, I have been sure that paedophile rings and circuses are synonimous iwth each other for some time.
So why keep the clown a profession that has so much bad press, I mean they woudn't have Ronald the LA Cop would they.
The only answer to this question is that it is easy to keep this outmoded and ridiculous character. Like William Burrough's Junkie the Big Mac is the Junk, instead of improving the product or it's marketing it downgrade's the consumer, and, by a process of familiarity and apathy on our part we keep returning to break bread with big Ron.So by keeping Ronald around the corporation is saying that we will swallow any shit, and lats face it, why should they think any different? We do.

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