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What charity!

Posted by: Carmen ( Australia ) on October 17, 1999 at 17:53:36:

In Reply to: Whinge whinge whinge... posted by Dionne on October 10, 1999 at 17:47:54:

We do not have fat asses because we dont eat that crap. Secondly how can McDonalds adhere to environmental policy when they mow down thousands of hectares from the Brazilian rainforests each year. Thirdly these terminally ill homes set up by McDonalds is not really a charity when it costs parents $50 a night to stay in them. Wouldn't you call this a hotel. It is obvious to anyone with a certain depth of perception that these charity contributios are merely a PR exercise. If McDonalds really cared aboout these children surely the obsequious clown wouldn't poison them with this poorly nutritious meal, meals they have even admitted are not nutritious.Dr Goebbels gave children in Germany christmas presents to appease their parents as the Nazis sent their eldest brothers off to fight an unjust war. What charity!

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