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Sorry, but blood is spilled for meat

Posted by: Mike on October 20, 1999 at 20:29:39:

In Reply to: My thoughts posted by Colin on October 19, 1999 at 10:36:38:

: I am angry at the biased remarks from some, not all, of the people that post there thoughts in this room. I am angry with the way in which infomation was displayed on the and other Anti-Meat web sites. (i.e. the cow head dripping with blood.) I am also angry at people's personal problems at Mc Donald's. I myself have been to McDonald's and other fast food chains that are not up to code. But my store is not like that. I know my of my customers by name and am told daily that "Your drive thru is the fastest I've ever been through."

: I did ask my manager about how the chikens are mistreated. She told me that the chickens are not a product of McDonald's it's self but of Tyson. I found that intresting. Does anyone know about that? But honestly which ever way you look at it there gonna be a chicken anyways.

While some anti-meat graphics may be purposefully shocking, slaughterhouses are places where animals scream in fear and pain and blood runs down the floor. That's the simple truth. It's hellish.

McDonalds may not raise and kill the chickens as Tysons does, but they pay Tysons to do it for them.

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