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great empire?

Posted by: Daniel ( Australia ) on October 23, 1999 at 10:38:53:

In Reply to: mcdonalds..what a great empire posted by Adrian DiTonto crew trainer on October 03, 1999 at 19:54:18:

McDonalds is modivated by profits, and anything they do is to get more money. They don't care what their food is made of, or how exploited children are, as long as they make money.

I have talket to people who have cooked @ McRip-off, and they have told me about the conditions in the cook room, and that it should be baned.

I am told that if McDollars was owned by a single person, It would be worth a great deal more than MICROSOFT. Microsoft does things people hate, ie bugs in software, breaches of copyright, etc. But what Bill Gates' company is doing is HONEST, they don't hide the bugs, they offer fixes and even some free stuff on their site.

Its better to make money selling real food than selling what McDonalds does. I don't like Microsoft that much, but I do idmire what Bill Gates has acheived, even if he has made mistakes.

I think anyone who stands up for McDonalds had better look futher in to what their doing, and then at least TRY to be humane.

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