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Why the campaigns against Mcdonalds aren't working.

Posted by: Doug ( USA ) on October 25, 1999 at 11:20:46:

I visited this web site to gain some insight as to the workings and frued of the McDonalds corp. and to my surprise, I find a lot of people attacking McDonalds with rumor filled arguments and useless convictions. If you want to make a difference like I hope you would, please educate yourself, pressent your voice with some credibility, and most importantly, stick to the facts and cut out your opinion. An opinion is something a comedian blurts out to make us laugh. A fact will make a person go "hmmm" and many facts will make someone stop, think, and hopefully change their lifestyle. Which is really what we are trying to get people to do, stop the drive thru lunch, stop buying the cheapest buy, and eat healthy. These are life patterns that many are set into and it is going to take a lot more than a couple activists' opinions, outrageous language, and unsupported accusitions to change thier ways. Please stop your bs and usefully help save the rainforest, its people, and keep America healthy in mind and body. And do this in a professional, educated and credible way, because remember an opinion we laugh at and a fact we think about.

McSpotlight: OK. A fact to make you think. A Big Mac contains twice the recommended daily maximum intake of dioxin, according to the 1994 EPA reassessment of dioxin's toxicity.

(Of course, if you want more facts, you're welcome to read the 30000+ pages of evidence we have on McSpotlight...)

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