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Do you call this helping the community, or making there stingy pockets bigger?

Posted by: Chris on October 25, 1999 at 13:12:42:

In Reply to: PUHLEEZE! Re: Slavery posted by James on October 23, 1999 at 02:22:48:

: Well, let me begin by saying that you are correct in doughting my ability to understand this situation by my, how did you say "inability to command my English" but a fact is a fact and let me clarify a few of your comments.

Number 1 Mcdonalds in the South Florida Area will not and has never been a community leader or companion in any way shape or form. Prime example is the Dade partners program, which they left them because of and I quote "the inability of the program to promote a good relationship between the two" in other words they weren't making any money. This is only one of many examples that we could get together and talk about one day if you'd like.

Number 2 When hurricane Andrew hit this area Mcdonalds was in fact the first to be down in the homestead area. But for you to say they gave out free food puhleeze. They in fact charged double there usual cost of food and made a huge profit after this tragedy. Do you call this helping the community, or making there stingy pockets bigger? You have a different opinion please tell me because I was there. I was told that I had to go all the way from Miami to homestead a 30 minute drive one way daily for over a month to make sure they made there money.

Number 3 My comments about this last situation I only made public because I have a very dear friend to me still working for them, and while hurricane Irene was coming threw was made to stay open all night threw the hurricane. And the next day even though her house was a foot under water and she could barely get out of her house, she was made to go open her store. The funny thing about this is that there Boca office which is on the East coast side of Florida and the hurricane was supposed to go to the West was closed as of 12:00 PM that day. So you tell me how this is fair to there employees? you tell me how this could be right for a company to treat there employee's like this.

Listen maybe you shouldn't believe all that you read or hear from news reports about Mcdonalds. If things where so great with this company message centers like this would not exist now would they?

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