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Ronald as a symbol

Posted by: heather ( United States ) on October 27, 1999 at 10:33:22:

I am glad to see a web site devoted to McDonalds. I have written a one act play(Surreal,Brectian) and songs about McDonalds. Although it seems
silly to many people to use the common day cheeseburger land of golden arches in art,I see this as exactly the point I'm getting at.As a suburban American one gets desensitized to the very eccense to their societal landscape. Its usually the stuff right in front of you that one fails to really see,like the golden arches scattered generously at every shopping corner. I see Ronald as a true symbol of what is wrong with the fast food industry and America in general. Behind the big grin,the bag of tricks,and parody is a false pretense of happiness that goes to the heart of the American dream. We have given up what is natural, in exchange for a quick fix. Ironcially the same capitalist, corporate system has made it very dificult for the average person to reach out for other alternatives by making the work week longer with less time to eat normal healthy food. Of course the advertisements ropeing in children have not helped much either. I do not preach what or where to eat,whether it be vegetarian or environmentally healthy,however I do wish people would see McDonalds for what it is, and stop being blinded by the light of the Golden Arches.

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