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The whole point is to avoid supporting the meat industry in any way.

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, U$A ) on October 29, 1999 at 17:13:38:

In Reply to: Why people ask for no meat posted by McChick on October 29, 1999 at 11:17:20:

: : It pisses the front crew off too. Why not just take the goddamned meat off yourself?? Or get a McChicken or Filet-o-Fish or nuggets?

: As a counter person, it does annoy me too, but I like my burgers without meat too. Fortunately, I can make what I want myself when I am working. Why not get a McChicken or Filet? Because I don't like them. And I do occasionally have nuggets. And vegetarians who don't eat chicken or fish can't have them. Have you ever tried taking the meat off the burger once it has been made? It is rather awkwark, you lose half the stuff inside - the cheese is melted onto the meat, the lettuce goes everywhere, etc.

For a vegetarian or a vegan, it is not about rather you EAT meat per se but about rather or not you BUY(or steal or hunt) the meat. If you peel off the dead flesh and chuck it, guess what? somebody still had to die for your burger! In fact, buying a product that contains meat-then NOT eating the meat, is like shooting a deer for his antlers and leaving the meat for the flies (This kind of sport hunting offends not only most of the general public but even some hunters as well).
The whole point is to avoid supporting the meat industry in any way. Of course, if it is just the TASTE of dead cow flesh you don't like, you many not be concerned with this, but you will still find the offensive taste and smell of burnt flesh almost impossible to remove from the rest of the sandwich, which will absorb the bloody juices and burning fat.

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